We got about 6″ of snow.  That wouldn’t have been too bad if it hadn’t drifted, but it did, so in spots I was digging thru 2′ of snow to find the driveway.  The dogs are loving life and me being outside to play with.  I wish that I could say that they are helping me dig out but they aren’t.  While I shovel they play, occasionally dumping more snow into the cleared bit…thanks guys.

2013 01 18_17992013 02 21_21192013 02 21_2172 - Copy2013 02 21_21302013 02 24_23112013 02 21_2170

Still I should be done with shoveling out just in time for the next storm, which is supposed to dump another 5-7″  or maybe more.
Ah, hell, I need more coffee. 2012 12 31_1630


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