Bro at the vet

2013 01 18_1820

Well, it has cost me a couple hamburgers but Little Brother no longer feels the car is a puppy eating monster.  He follows Syndr or Whiskey into the car and he usually tries calling shotgun.  Failing to get the front seat he sits in the back and watches out the window for things to bark at.  Have you ever seen the expression on a car chasing dog when the car barks wildly back at it?  It was pretty funny to watch a neighbor’s dog pull up short and stare at the car….”but, but none of the other cars have barked!” was the look on the dog’s face as near as I could tell in the rear view.

Sunday Syndr, Bro and I went to pick up a friend’s beagle and take him to the dog park.   The first meeting between Bro and the beagle had Bro trying frantically to be picked up and held out of the beagle’s reach as the beagle bayed and jumped around and tried to get his new buddy to play with him.   I hadn’t realized that Bro might have never met a small dog, much less that he would be scared of a dog half his size, if twice his volume, but soon they were chasing around the couch and over the lesser obstacles, such as the person sitting on the floor to watch TV.

With 3 dogs in tow(ing) it was off to the Bark Park,  and a full on pack of strange dogs.   Once again I was politely requested to pick him up where the other dogs couldn’t get him, but after watching Syndr and the beagle herd a golden retriever around a picnic table Bro suddenly grasped the purpose of the dog park; chasing other dogs!    He had a grand hour of exercise as he and his sister tag-teamed two goldens, one labradoodle, and a very fast greyhound mix.   What could be better than trying to herd other dogs under the table?

Yesterday we conquered the Bark Park,  the Sonic Drive Thru and today it was the vet’s office.  Syndr went with us again because I can always  rely on her kissing Doc, and generally showing the new dogs that the vet is an excellent source of freeze dried liver and petting.  Bro was less confident than Shaggy had been about the exam, I had to hold him in my lap while the vet checking him over, but he got his vaccinations, a clean bill of health and an appointment to be neutered.   (I haven’t told Bro that part yet, but given the general over-population of pet dogs and cats in this country I think that it is important not to leave intact animals to roam.)

After several pieces of freeze dried liver Bro gave Doc a quick kiss so I suspect he will not be any trouble at the vet.  He is 43lbs, 19 inches at the shoulder and too squirmy to get a length on.  Wonder if I should have mentioned his boozing.

pup with a beer

Ah, well, next time.


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