St Pat’s Now with green dogs

Don’t Make the Incredible Bull Terrier Angry You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry

Went to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with a dog and a camera.   Billy had a green bow tie attached to his collar, but a lot of dog owners seem to have gotten more into the wearing of the green.

2013 03 16_2554

Irish search and rescue dog will find a leprechaun buried in the rubble.

2013 03 16_2446

Well, Danes settled in Ireland right?

2013 03 16_2701

I fear someone may have spilt a green beer on the Shih tzu .

2013 03 16_2458 2013 03 16_2610 2013 03 16_2617

Dogs in the parade, dogs in the crowd, dogs at the music stage, it was nice to see dogs and their people enjoying the holiday.  I enjoyed it with 2 Guinnesses (Guinni?) and a rousing chorus of Johnson’s Motor Car.

Slainte, until next year’s parade


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