It snowed, again.

Three days into spring it snowed.  It snowed a lot.

2013 03 24_30302013 03 24_2924

I had about 7″ on the ground, more than any single winter storm this year dumped.  It’s spring; can’t the weather read a fucking calendar?  I thought I was done with shoveling my drive.  I wasn’t.  I thought I was done with icy spots, slush and cold feet.  I wasn’t.    The boot print there is where I stepped in a puddle deeper than the sole of my boot as my wet sock quickly informed me.

2013 03 24_2886 2013 03 24_3034

Ten days ago it was 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and now there’s snow.  Lots of snow.   While I’m cursing the snow, the shoveling and the cold toes the dogs are loving life….they knew that nasty hot shit was an aberration, bring on Fimbulwinter, and the ice giants, my kids are ready.

2013 03 24_29632013 03 24_29512013 03 24_2937


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