Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday so I went to the dog park with Syndr, Bro and a friend’s beagle.

DSCN6482The beagle at least had a good time at the park and got a lot of exercise being chased by the larger dogs.   I had a good time too, if not quite as much exercise.  Yeah, I celebrated my birthday by going to the dog park and hanging out with the dogs.  I realize that this might not be entirely usual, but I enjoyed the day of watching the dogs play and being mostly stress free.  That’s one of the things that dogs do for me: when people stress me out or get on my last good nerve I go and hang out with my pack and little by little recharge my batteries.

Sometimes it’s by being funny, like the beagle pouring on the steam to escape nemesis in the form of a shepherd mix.  Even Astarte killing the pillow gave me a giggle, I’m not sure why the pillow had to be subdued but she taught it who was boss.  That’s one pillow that won’t be attacking anyone in the middle of the night!

2013 03 24_2799

It’s also the dogs who demand to give affection, who cuddle close when I need a friend and insist on giving kisses when I’m blue.  It’s muddy footprints on my clothes and my heart.   Who better to celebrate with?

2013 02 04_19462013 03 16_2617Kiss me

And then some human friends and I went out for pizza and beer.  No dogs allowed in the bar, but I took them back the crusts.


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