Yeah, not so much about dogs

Shit, just shit.  Piss and fuck and corruption.  Some people are just stupid and evil and even when you know this ahead of time an act of terrorism leaves you shocked and scared and angry.  I don’t know if the bombing of the marathon was domestic or imported yet.  In a real sense it doesn’t matter which group of ideologues did it.  They were willing to kill strangers to make a statement because in their warped minds ideologies are more important than the other humans we are sharing a planet with.
And yes, I knew there were people like that before today.  I knew there were people willing to kill and die for a cause that they held to be more important than life, theirs or others, even before 9/11, and before the Oklahoma City bombing.  I knew but I’m still having trouble believing that it happened again.  In a way I hope that it never starts making sense to me, I don’t really want to understand how killing strangers who are not threatening you becomes acceptable to someone.
I’ll post some cute pictures or some bad poetry later in the week.  In the mean time, tell the people you love that you love them.  If you are eligible, donate blood.  Try to understand someone who doesn’t see the world quite the same way you do without descending into name calling and dehumanization.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Be excellent to one another.


One thought on “Yeah, not so much about dogs

  1. “In the meantime…” thank you for that reminder. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of such stupidity, terror and violence. Your suggestions to express love, donate blood, be understanding, love your neighbor and be kind to one another are all that we can really do to combat such evil.

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