Dog on the Town

After two weeks of having been press ganged into helping friends move I got a chance to go walk around Lawrence, KS with a friend and a dog.

Synder herself

Lawrence is incredibly dog friendly, which makes it a good place to work with a dog who isn’t a 100% calm in a crowd, so I took Syndr.

She did pretty well, meeting people and dogs without the off leash freedom of the dog park.

2013 05 13_3777

There was a certain amount of trying to walk on the opposite side of obstacles, “what do you mean I’m tied to you?” and she mooched some treats from people eating at sidewalk tables.

2013 05 13_3787


When we went in Luck Paws Bakery she embarrassed me be being a treat snob,  “That’s not a pizza crust, phooey.”  but the shop dog, official taste tester, Shakti was there when it hit the floor.  She takes her job seriously.

2013 05 13_3779


On the whole Syndr was calm and we both enjoyed the day, especially the trail walk along the river.
Of course the few times when I handed off her leash to my friend so I could go in a shop, she keened until I returned. Her being easy with me out of sight may take more work.


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